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BOB SEGER Says He Loves METALLICA's Awesome Cover Of 'Turn The Page' (Video) - July 12, 2012

Multi-platinum recording artist Bob Seger performed a rousing version of his 1973 classic "Turn The Page" at the 43rd annual induction ceremony and awards presentation of the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, which was held on June 14 at New York City's Marriott Marquis. Hosted by legendary songwriter, ASCAP board member and Songwriters Hall Of Fame chairman Jimmy Webb, the evening inducted a new class of songwriters who mostly rose to prominence in the 1970s and whose work continues to impact the musical culture.

When asked for his thoughts on METALLICA's version of "Turn The Page", which appears on the band's 1998 covers/compilation album "Garage Inc.", Seger told Artisan News (see video below), "I loved it. They told me they were gonna it and I loved it. I really liked the drums, especially, because our drums are really simple. [It was] a cool take on it. It's been done before. Another guy did it in Australia and won a Grammy with it."

METALLICA's cover of "Turn The Page" was the first single from "Garage Inc." The song topped the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for 11 consecutive weeks, the highest number of weeks METALLICA had ever spent at the top.

METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich reportedly heard the original version of "Turn The Page" while driving across the Golden Gate Bridge and later commented that he thought it "had James [Hetfield] all over it".

METALLICA's rendition features the same tempo as Seger's, but with a heavier feel; the saxophone part is replaced by a high slide guitar line from Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield played a guitar solo before the last run through the chorus.

METALLICA's music video for the song, helmed by acclaimed Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund (RAMMSTEIN, SATYRICON, OZZY OSBOURNE, MADONNA, THE PRODIGY), is about the life of a stripper who prostitutes herself while she is trying to raise a child; the prostitute/stripper is played by Ginger Lynn Allen.

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