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Albums on CD:

Kill 'Em All
Kill 'em All was Metallica's first studio album. Re-released by Elektra with 2 extra tracks. Peaked at #100 in spring of 1985 on Billboard...
Released: July, 1983.

Ride The Lightning was Metallica's second studio album. Peaked at #100 in Spring 1985 on Billboard. Creeping Death inspired by the last half of
Ride The Lightning

Released: Europe: July 27, 1984. US: August, 1984

Master of Puppets was Metallica's 3rd album. Released in US on February 21, 1986. Peaked at #29 on the charts in the US, on May 11, 1986. The subsequent tour for this album featured te band opening for heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne...
Master Of Puppets

Released: U.S: Feb 21, 1986. Europe: Mar 7th 1986.

This was Jason Newsted's first full length album as the
...And Justice For All

Released: September 2,1988. (CR)

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Released: 1990

Debuts at #1, remains there for 4 weeks... and still remains on Billboards Top 200 in mid-97. Remains the biggest selling hard rock/metal album of the 90's; with some 16 million copies sold in the US...

(A.k.a: "The Black Album")
Released: August 1991. (CR)

Load contained the

Released: Worldwide except N. America: June 3, 1996 N America: June 4, 1996.


Songs were remainder of material from

Released: Nov 14, Japan, Nov 17 everywhere but N. America and Nov 18 N. Am.

Garage Inc.

Features all the cover songs Metallica have recorded over the years plus 11 new cover songs from 1998.




S&M was not Metallica's first venture into the world of Michael Kamen and orchestras - In fact in 1993 Metallica released as the b-side of the Sad But True single (4 track version) the Elevator version of Nothing Else Matters which is a studio version...



St Anger

The first full length studio album since 1997. The album also came with a free DVD video of the band rehearsing all 11 songs in the studio...


Death Magnetic
Death Magnetic 2009 Release


CD Singles & EP's

Creeping Death EP

Released: Nov 23, 1984 (12" EP.) Jump In The Fire EP released: Feb 20, 1984.

The $9.98 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited


GRDDReleased: August, 1987

Harvester Of Sorrow One

Released: Jan 10, 1988 There may be as many as 27 versions of the "One" single. (MS)

One Japanese Single [23DP5438]One re-release. [858 545-2]

One re-release digipack. [858 547-2]

Enter Sandman The Unforgiven Nothing Else Matters

Live at Wembley EP Wherever I May Roam Sad But True Don't Tread On Me Until It Sleeps

Until It Sleeps Part 1 [578 145-2]

Hero Of The Day

Oct 22, 1996 (US) Sep 9 (UK) Sep 13 (Japan)

Hero Of The Day Part 1 [578 575-2]Hero Of The Day Part 2 [578 577-2]

Mama Said
Released Nov 25, 1996 (Everywhere but U.S.)

Mama Said Part 2 [UK METCX 14/ INT 578 873-2]

King Nothing

Released Feb, 1997 Radio release, Jan 6th 1997

One/Eye Of The Beholder

Re-release August? 1997 (J.K. See part 4 for a list of contributors to this Discography)

The Memory Remains
Memory Remains Mini Album
Released November, 1997

Unforgiven II

Unforgiven II CD2



Fuel import single CD1Fuel import single CD2Fuel import single CD3

Turn The Page

Turn The Page CD2


Whiskey In The Jar

Whiskey in the Jar Import Single Whiskey in the Jar Import CD2 single


Die, Die My Darling
Die, Die My Darling UK single.


St Anger Cd 1
St Anger single Cd 1.


St Anger Cd 2
St Anger single Cd 2.


Frantic Cd 1
Frantic single Cd 1.


Frantic Cd 2
Frantic single Cd 2.


The UnNamed Feeling
The Unnamed Feeling single Cd.


Some Kind Of Monster ( E.P )
Some Kind Of Monster E. P


The Day That Never Comes - Death Magnetic 2008
The Day That Never Comes Single Label: Warner Bros. Records Catalog#: 515992-2 Format: CD, Single Country: US Released: Sep 2008


All NightMare Long - Death Magnetic 2008
All Nightmare Long Single Label: Warner Bros. Records Catalog#: 515992-2 Format: CD, Single Country: US Released: Sep 2008


Broken Beat And Scrarred Cd Single
Broken Beat And Scrarred Cd Single

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