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- Haydn (Webmaster)

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My Name is Haydn....Wow ....

I have been a Metallica Fan for over 25 years.......

I live in Sydney Australia, and have done so for 36 years.

I have enjoyed and have a severe love for Metallicas music since I was 11 years old.

Metallica has made me the positive happy person I am today.....

I have seen Metallica 24 times, in various countries ( they dont come to Australia Much :( .... )

I have also been a avid collecter. I have collected Metallica items since 11 years old, now 25 years of collecting, and I certainly have some stuff. The collection has won many awards in Australia, including being shown on a TV on a music program for the biggest Metallica collection. I currently spend around $ AU500 a week on my collection. I have also donated my Metallica collection to Sanity and HMV for display in there front windows when Metallica are touring the country. This really increases sales for Metallicas current album, as people are interested in seeing vintage products.

I have over 1003 items in my collection.............. ALL SEALED

I can get my hands on good Aussie Metallica Stuff, so if you in need of anything, simply email me.

I am currently in need of a sealed mint cversion of Fade To Black Glow In The Dark Green Viynl 12 Inch L.P. with sticker in tack. If anyone out there wanting to trade I am Keen to do so.

I have also spent time with the boys in Australia in 1993.


Haydn And Jason 93


My Metallica Collection A Few Years Back

My Metallica Collection A Few Years Back Part 2

My intentions with this site is to maintain the excellent resource that was originally here, and to also communicate and trade stuff with my visitors. I also need and want advice from fans.

Please, keep emailing me your News on Metallica. Thanks

Looking forward in talking to you

Haydn :)

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